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Wingham Anglican Church

7 Bent Street,
Wingham NSW 2429

Service Times

Every Sunday 9:45 am

The second sunday of each month Faith and Fellowship @ 4 4:00pm

The third sunday of every month – backyard church [ either 12:30 or 4:00pm]

The fourth sunday of each month Faith and Fellowship @ 4 4:00pm


Bible Study:

Tuesday Bible Study – Every Tuesday at 10:00am

[St Mathews fellowship Hall]

Tuesday Afternoon – Every Tuesday at 1:30pm

[2 Combined St East, Wingham]

KYB Study Group – Every Thursday at 9:30am

[3 The Cedars Drive, Wingham]

Sunday School:
Every Sunday [ Please contact Elaine for details]

T.W.I.G.S – luncheon group 3rd Wednesday each month [Please call Ron or Maureen for details]

Women’s Fellowship Group – meets on a Wednesday each month at 6:30pm

[Please use 02 6553 4043 for all telephone contact]



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