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While it is difficult to believe today, Tinonee  was once a vibrant, thriving economy and a major town on the Manning River.

It is also considered to be one of the first communities to have an Anglican Church built in the Manning and especially in the area that is now called the Wingham Anglican Parish.

Let’s now look to the leadup to Tinonee having an Anglican Church.

  • 1850 – The site of Tinonee was selected by surveyor Henry Carmichael
  • 1852 – Tinonee is said to have had only one house – a bark hut which accommodated the Presbyterian Minister.
  • 1853 – The site for Tinonee was surveyed
  • 1854 – Tinonee was proclaimed a village.
  • 1856 –
  • 1858 – Dr Horace Dean settled in Tinonee as a storekeeper. Dr Dean was known at various times of his life as a storekeeper, physician, magistrate, politician, etc. Dr Dean was one of the drivers for the Tinonee School which was dedicated in 1859 and he launched the Manning River News in 1865 which had its Head Office in Tinonee. Dr Dean was born in Chicago, USA and his life shows a chequered history, however, it seems he contributed positively to the Manning during his time here.
  • 1869 – A meeting was held of those interested in erecting a church at Tinonee. A tender from Mr G Rooney was accepted to build a church and a shed to house the Minister’s carriage. The church was to be constructed of wall planks and a shingle roof.
  • 1870 –  the church, known as St Luke’s Tinonee, was opened on the 4th June 1870 at 11:00am.

At the height of Tinonee’s prosperity there were churches, a public school, post office, blacksmiths, furniture and cabinet makers, saddlers, boot makers, stores, hotels, carpenters, shinglers, shipwrights, wheelwrights, barbers, milners, dressmakers, butchers, bakers, auctioneers, fruit shop proprieters, broom factory and police station.

The Tinonee Anglican Church, or as it was known in much of the 20th century the Tinonee Church of England, saw the busy days in Tinonee’s history but it has also continued during Tinonee’s era as a residential area.

The building however did need renovation or replacement. In 1889 the first meeting was held to discuss the replacement of the original building. Tenders were called but the replacement did not proceed at that time. The second meeting to construct a new church was held in 1904. Plans for a weatherboard building were submitted and adopted.

The current building which was built in 1905 had its memorial stone laid on 30th August 1905. It was dedicated on the 8th November 1905 and consecrated the following year by Bishop Stretch on 13th September 1906.

The “new” church was built by S A Levick at a cost of 147 pounds and was painted by G Beattie at a cost of 21 pounds. The timber for the building was cut at Captain Gollan’s mill.

Over the years St Luke’s Church Tinonee has had many loyal stalwarts. The names of some are recorded on the stained glass windows or on various items around the Church building. There are of course other people who have been very loyal to St Luke’s Tinonee and go unnamed but have been no less important to the history of St Luke’s.

We think of those who assisted with the extension of St Luke’s in 1983/84. When a Wingham parishioner provided voluntarily an interest free loan to the church so the hall could be added to the northern side of St Luke’s Tinonee. Then there were the ladies of St Lukes Ladies Guild who month in and month out held a cake stall in Tinonee on Saturday mornings to raise money to repay the interest free loan. The ladies proudly repaid that loan over several years.

We think of all who with loyalty and devotion have helped keep St Luke’s Anglican Church active for almost 150 years.

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