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Marlee Anglican Church

Marlee Anglican Church

Marlee Anglican Church

1391 Bulga Road,
Marlee NSW 2429

Service Times

First Sunday of Each Month 2:30pm

St Marks Marlee

St Marks Marlee is a tribute to the many Christian families that were raised and who live in the area.

The Church was built in 1874 which means it was built more than 140 years ago.

The cost of the building was 120 pounds and was raised after a meeting with Bishop William Tyrrell – a man who led the significant growth of the Anglican church throughout this and other areas.

St Marks Marlee is the oldest timber church in the Manning Valley and it is one that is still used for regular worship.

The timber for the original church building was obtained locally and was cut in a sawpit. The construction was simple but its longevity is owed to the workmanship, skill and commitment of the original builders of St Marks.

The church’s longevity is also due to the many parishioners who have maintained the church over the last 140 years. The care of the church over that time speaks volumes for the faithfulness of the Marlee community. St Marks Marlee is loved throughout the Marlee district and it is an integral part of Marlee.

Over the last 8 years, St Marks has been undergoing renovation. The replacement of piers, the addition of a disabled access ramp, a new roof and, painting, which is all undertaken by Marlee residents shows how important St Mark’s Marlee is to the fabric of this community.

While the Christian faith has brought the right people together to enable these renovations, the St Marks Church community are grateful to the Marlee residents, who are not Anglicans, but who offered and who provided their help to keep the Church. Many people helped with the renovations, with fundraising, and with moral support – all to see this important part of Marlee’s history remain part of the area.

The St Marks Church Community also acknowledges the Greater Taree City Council for the grants it has provided to maintain the Historical buildings in our area and ensure the Marlee heritage is maintained.

Recently, St Marks Marlee has been on the itinerary for bus tours. These tours hear about the history of the church and the local area and the tour patrons are impressed by what volunteers have achieved.

The St Marks Church welcomes locals and visitors to its services. Today, the local church community looks forward to the day when the Anglican Church at Marlee again shows the vibrancy that has existed during many periods over the last 140 years.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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