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Welcome to the Wingham Anglican Parish.

We are fortunate to live in an absolutely beautiful part of the world. A world created for us by our Heavenly Father. We are grateful for our surroundings and we are grateful that we can meet together in peace and have the freedom to exercise our faith.

In the Wingham Anglican Parish we gather each week to worship, to give thanks, to acknowledge our sins, to seek God’s forgiveness for our wrongs and we pray for each other. We pray for those we know and we pray for those we don’t know. We pray that all will get to know of God and the teachings of his son Jesus Christ our Saviour.

We look forward to welcoming new people, we look forward to making new friendships and we look forward to sharing our life’s journeys.

Life is not meant to be a lonely journey, life should be a shared path, a path guided by the teachings of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

We look forward to meeting you.


A History of the Manning

Many people have, over the years, attempted to bring together the history of our fabulous valley.  This is not an easy task as the many accounts attempt to focus on a particular field of our ancestors activities.

Of course, there are also other events that have not been documented and can only be brought together by the contributions of the many families with a significant local history.

For this brief snapshot of the Manning’s history I have referred to documents available from the Greater Taree City Council as well as the book authored by Carol Copeland – the wife of one of our former rector’s.

The following timeline will be expanded over time to help build a profile of our history and the growth of Christianity in our area:

1788  The arrival of the First Fleet at Port Jackson [Sydney].

1818   First recorded transit of the Manning River’s two entrances. The transit was completed in October 1818 by John Oxley.

1821   The Port Macquarie penal settlement was established.

1824   The Australian Agricultural Company [AACo] was created by Imperial Act in June 1824. This company was provided this area to develop.

1825   The detailed exploration of the Manning area began.

1825-6  AACo instructed surveyors to carry out a survey of the northern extremities of the estate. The survey was completed during 1827.

1827   First land grants on the northern bank of the Manning were provided. The areas granted included the area now known as Moto and Croki,

1829    The first cedar was cut in the Manning Valley.

1829    The first permanent settler was William Wynter. While he selected land he did not occupy the land until 1830.

1833    Gangs of cedar cutters arrive.

1836    The Upper Manning started to be settled.

1836     Rev Cowper was appointed the company Chaplain  of AACo [26th March 1836] Rev Cowper was based at Stroud [Yahrah Cottage] – he was a “riding parson”.

1837     First land sales in Manning.

1841     Population of Manning Valley was 300.

1841      First sales of land in the Taree area at Chatham. [May 1841]

1842      Small farming lots were now being released. The release of small farming lots accelerated after 1850.

1844      On the 10th July 1844 the site for the village of Wingham proclaimed. Wingham was the first proclaimed government town on the Manning.   Tinonee was the second proclaimed Government town on the Manning.

1845      A funeral for an 8 month old Wingham  girl by Rev Cowper at Stroud [16th June 1845]

1845      Anglican service held in Taree at a place called “Wynters Barn” [ 23rd September 1845]

1847      Newcastle Anglican Diocese commenced.

1848      Bishop Tyrell completed his first visit to the Manning. Bishop Tyrell was accompanied by Rev Cowper.

1848      Rev O’Reilly paid quarterly pastoral visits to the Manning area. Rev O’Reilly travelled from the penal settlement in Port Macquarie to conduct these visits.

1850 A Church of England Denominational school started in Taree.[November 1850]

1851 Redbank Presbyterian Denominational school was established on 1 January 1851. This was transferred to Government ownership on September 1852. The School later became the Pampoolah Public School in December 1890.

1851 First service by Presbyterian church minister Rev Carter.

1852 The Manning was part of the area covered by Rev Cross from Port Macquarie. Rev. Cross preached at Redbank, Mambo Island, Mitchells Island, Taree, Wingham, Marlee,[ it is possible Rev Cross was also preaching between 1845 and 1848]

1852 One bark hut existed in the village of Tinonee [It was the home of the Presbyterian Minister[ Rev.Carter]]. In 1852 there were no homes in Wingham. The most advanced development was a timber frame.

1852 Bishop Tyrell from Anglican Diocese of Newcastle visited on 21/11/1852.

1853 A Plan for the village of Tinonee was developed [November 1853]. First land sales in February 1855.

1854 First land sales in Wingham [September 1854]. Wingham remained uninhabited until 1854.

1854 The Methodist church was delivering morning services by lay teachers.

1854 Land Sales at Taree. The Flett’s development was most popular and was selling from December 1854]

1855 Gloucester was surveyed in readiness for its proclamation as a village.

1856 Anglican minister Rev. O’Reilly was put in charge of ministering to the local area due to the illness of Rev. Cross. Rev. Cross died in 1858.

1856 St John’s Taree initiated – building cost 1000 pounds. To complete the building it was necessary to borrow 600 pounds.

1857 Catholic Church at Cundletown built in 1857.

1857 Cundletown Public School opened.

1857 Purfleet Public School opened.

1859 Tinonee Public School opened

1859 Bo Bo Creek Public School opened.

1859 Kolodong Public School opened.

1859 Bishop Tyrell returned and preached to 3 separate congregations. Bishop Tyrell returned again in 1860. In voth 1859 and 1860 the Bishop visited in November.

1860 Rev O’Reilly visited the Manning for the last time. The Manning area was finally split from Port Macquarie.

1860 There were still only two resident ministers in the Manning – Rev Carter [Presbyterian minister] and Rev McIntyre [Free Presbyterian minister];

1860 Anglican minster Rev. Hawkins was appointed to the Manning [15/5/1860]. His licence was dated 1/7/1860.

Rev Hawkins arranged building of 8 buildings:

  • Taree Rectory
  • Mambo Island church
  • Lansdowne church
  • St Thomas Cundletown
  • Trinity Church Scotts Creek.
  • St Lukes Tinonee.
  • St Matthews Wingham

1861 Population of Manning Valley was 3,000. Taree 118. Wingham 50.

1861 Taree Farms School opened.

1861 Ghinni Ghinni school opened.

1862 Taree Anglican Rectory built – cost 498 pounds.

1862 Wherrol Flat school opened.

1862 Oxley Island school opened. [May 1862]

1862 Mambo Island church built.
[Mambo Island is in the Nth Channel of Manning River, North of Mitchells Island]

1863 First Church of Christ service – built first chapel in 1887.

1863 Flood.

1863 Dumaresq Public school opened.

1863 Jones Island school opened.

1864 Flood. This flood, in August 1864, saw an end to a string of wet years. After this Flood, El Nino commenced and existed until 1866.

1864 The population of Wingham [76 residents] petitioned for a bridge over Cedar Party Creek and a punt over the Manning River. In 1865 Government provided funds of 600 pounds to build a bridge. Residents had to provide a third of the cost. Completed in 1869.  Was replaced in 1896. Repaired in 1954, 1965, 1976, 1989, 1993, 1996 [resurfaced]. The Punt commenced in 1906. The Bight Bridge was completed in December 1963 and opened in April 1964.

1864 Taree public school opened.

1864 Wingham Public School opened.

1865 Drought

1865 Divine Services held at Tinonee School in April 1865

1865 Meeting held to identify Synod representative. [September 1865]

1866 A regular weekly steam ship service was operating from the Manning to Sydney.

1866 Drought occurred this year until flood towards end of year.

1866 Trinity Church, Scott’s Creek commenced services in a temporary building. The temporary building was replaced with a more permanent building in either 1872 or 1881.

1868  Synod and Newcastle Church Society to merge to form Diocesan Council. Parishes told to elect a parish council – adult males within a Parish to vote.

1868 Rev Hawkins 19 month old son drowned near Taree rectory.

1869 Meeting held to build church in Tinonee [August] Tender of Mr G Rooney accepted.

1870 The first punt in the Manning commenced.  This punt from Glenthorne to Taree – year and date is uncertain.

1870 A punt was in place at Ghinni Ghinni to improve transport from Taree to Port Macquarie. Replaced by a bridge in 1880.

1870 Believed to be a punt at Tinonee – definitely in place in 1886.

1870  St Luke’s Tinonee built.  Opened on 4th June 1870 at 11:00am. Cost 125 pounds

1873  St Matthews Wingham built [some say 1871] Cost 300 pounds – 200 people.

1873 Catholic Church Taree built.

1874  A punt at Coopernook was operating – replaced by bridge in 1885.

1874 A punt from Cundle Plains to Oxley Island was also operating.

1874 On the 5th February 1874  1.5 acres of land was set aside for a church and parsonage. It is believed the donor was Mr Samuel Green of Marlee. Timber was cut  in a sawpit by Messrs Francis Gillogly and David White on Parker’s property. The church was built by James MacPherson and his sons.

1875 Tinonee Sunday School commenced.

1875 Furniture for St Matthews Wingham provided.

1881 Reorganised Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints built at Tuncurry.

1881 Punts installed at Oxley Island / Mitchells Island

1881 Punts installed at Pampoolah [Redbank]

1882 Wingham Anglican Parish commenced.

1882 Rev Swindlehurst the first minister for Wingham Parish – licence dated 1 July 1882. First service in Wingham Parish on 2nd July 1882 at 10:30am.

1883 Parsonage building commenced next to where St Matthews now stands.

1888 St Alban’s Cedar Party was built by Jim Evans. Dedicated on 24th October 1904. New organ installed December 1905. In 1907 a Bell arrived from Morrison and Bearby’s foundry Newcastle.

1889 Salvation Army founded in Taree [August]

1893 Lower Manning Coop Dairy Factory opened on 18th February 1893.

1896 Population of Manning valley was 10,000.

1899 New Packard Organ purchased for St Luke’s Tinonee church.

1900  First major bridge over Manning was the Killawarra bridge.

1900 St James, Killawarra foundation stone laid 4th November 1900. Located on privately owned land  just off bridge road and facing public school. First Service on 17th April 1901 at 2:30pm. Dedicated 15th September 1902 and consecrated on 24th October 1904.

1901 Population Taree 871, Wingham 556,  Krambach 357 [ convent opened in 1893].

1901 Meeting to discuss rebuilding St Matthews – now in state of decay.

1902 Plan for new church approved by Bishop 31st March. Memorial stone laid 26th June 1902. Last service in old church 4th May 1902. First service in St Matthews 14th September 1902 at 10:30am. Cost of New Church 485 pounds.

1904 Public meeting held to discuss construction of new church at Tinonee [27th October 1904].

1904 St Stephen’s Bobin was dedicated on 25th October 1904.

1905 St Luke’s Tinonee rebuilt in Winter St, Tinonee. Last service in old church was first Sunday night in August 1905. Memorial stone for new church laid 30th August 1905. New church was dedicated 8th November 1905 at 3:00pm. The Church was consecrated on 13th September 1906 by Bishop Stretch.

1913 Railway went to Taree via Wingham.

1915 St Saviours, Killabakh was built on land donated by Thomas Downton. The church was dedicated on 16th August 1915.

1919 Lynch gates built at St Matthew’s Wingham for Honour Rolls.

1923 Plans for new rectory at Wingham approved by Bishop.

1924 Wingham Rectory built. Foundation Stone laid 19th January 1924.

1924 Bulga added to Wingham Anglican Parish. Plan was to hold 2 services per month.

1926 Comboyne added to Wingham Anglican Parish

1940 Martin Bridge Taree opened.

1940 The first church building used by St Alban’s Cedar Party sold for 22 pounds.

1941 Foundation stone laid for new St Albans church on 2nd February 1941. Builders G Douglas and son – cost 600 pounds. Opened and dedicated on 10th August 1942.

1944 Extensions to St Saviours, Killabakh dedicated on 9th September 1944.

1946 Land donated by Mr Hoad for a church at Wherrol Flat – did not proceed.

1949 Croquet Club commenced – was still operating in 1965.

1952 Land donated at Mt George by Hawkins Bros for a church – did not proceed.

1952 New church Hall [the “green hall”] built by Brewers. Used plans for Bolwarra Church Hall. Cost 2000 pounds. Dedicated 3rd August 1953 at 2:30pm. Expanded to include Supper Room at cost of 500 pounds.

1955 A tender was received to move St James, Killawarra church to Elands – too costly at 290 pounds.

1955 Land bought at Elands for a church.

1958 St James, Killawarra unused for 18 months and was advertised for removal / demolition in August 1958. [sold for 52 pounds]

1960 St Stephens Bobin now only used for monthly services. Parish council recommended church be sold by tender.

1963 Landowner on which St Stephens Bobin was built made an offer to buy the building.  The church was closed on 12th August 1965.

1965 Tenders called for a new church at St Matthew’s Wingham – did not proceed due to cost.

1970 Plans submitted to extend St Matthew’s Wingham – Church and Fellowship Hall – Green Hall to be relocated.

1972 St Matthew’s Wingham Church Complex dedicated on 28th May 1972.

1977 St Matthew’s Wingham Columbarium consecrated on 30th January 1977 – Gift of Baker family.

1983 Plans to extend St Luke’s Tinonee church approved by the Bishop [April]. Mr Filby selected as Building contractor in August

1984 Extensions to St Luke’s Tinonee church dedicated 25th May 1984 by Archdeacon M Fowell. Consecrated on 3rd May 1987.

1988 St Matthew’s Wingham Flag Pole dedicated on 4th December 1988.

1992 Closure service held at St Alban’s Cedar Party on 21 June 1992. Land and building sold at auction.  Services were held weekly, then fortnightly, then monthly and bimonthly until closure.

1993 Burges estate inherited.

1993 St Saviours, Killabakh rededicated after extensive refurbishment.

1994 Greater Taree City Council advised that St Mark’s Marlee was listed in the local environmental plan for its heritage value.

1995 Op Shop commenced 27th July 1995 in Green Hall.

2000 Taree Bypass completed.

2000 Services ceased at St Saviours Killabakh in August 2000. Official closure occurred November 2001.



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